Mark Zuckerberg Likes The Dog With Dreadlocks

Mark Zuckerberg is a big shot personality who made us all get together with our loved ones on Facebook like they are just sitting next to with us. What do you assume, is he famed only for being the creator of Facebook? If you think so, then you are mistaken. We have some stupendous news to split with you concerning this man.

Mark Zuckerberg has one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. You must be thinking so what? Is it a big deal? Everyone has a dog and it's quite general.


Then here I would like you to introduce with the dog and why is he special and also why you must know about him?

Meet BEAST! Mark Zuckerberg’s Pet Dog.  What say? Isn’t he dazzling?

You must be thinking what kind of dog is he? So let’s know the breed first.Beast is a Puli hailing from Hungary is a hard-working herding dog. This breed is well-known as a mop-like dog. They have long, corded coat alike to dreadlocks. The breed is a handily sized; sturdy has a long shaggy coat.


Beast is bouncy, full of life, He very well knows how to be the center of attraction. Nevertheless having Puli will irrefutably turn around many heads.He came when he was just a puppy from Grants Pass, Oregon.  At the present, he stays with Mark Zuckerberg and family at Palo Alto.

beast with family

The eye- catchy facet of Beast as he is a Puli; is his mop-like hairs. This makes him different. You know his coat is almost waterproof.

beast mop

It is heard that he is very elegant and knows his daily routine/schedule. He loves to go for herding and extracurricular activities.


Who said Daddy only loves to work? It is a No No when Beast is around. Peep the picture below.

mark with beast

What Mark Zuckerberg has to say about Beast “He’s like this ridiculously cute dog. He looks like a little sheep. He is amazing” Aww this is cute of him saying about his dog. Isn’t It?

mark with beast

What his mom has to say? His mom Chalo says - “Beast is Mark’s second priority after facebook”.  The above picture proves it all.

mommy of beast

He helps his dad. Yes, you heard it right. Check the picture out to clear your doubts.

Facebook beast

He loves to get clicked especially while running.

beast running

He gets angry too. Ok, you locked me in the bathroom then get ready for the revenge. Here I come.

angry beast

Beast loves his sister a lot and makes sure he is always safe.They love to play and hang around. Best buddies ever.

Beast sister

OMG! “2 Million Followers”! Beast has over two million followers and still counting on his Facebook fan page.

No offense, he is just too adorable to handle.


Cute happy family!....


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